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Brian Wise

              I'm sure every part of the country has something they can boast they have that is the best. The Ozarks is full of many "bests" in the fly fishing world. But, one thing we know, is we have the best streamer/videographer in the Land, Brian Wise. Brian and his wife, Jenny, are a magnificent combination where the fly tying world meets art and technology. Brian's fly-tying video's have fast become the most watched on the internet. His specialty, big gnarly but beautiful, streamers he uses on his home water (North Fork of the White River) landing monster brown trout and Smallmouth on a regular basis.

            The only thing more impressive about Brian and Jenny, than their teamwork, is their amazing personalities and awesome family. He and Jenny have two sons who are quite handy with the fly rods and the title of "prodigies" has been floating around them for quite sometime. It will be impossible for this website to profile the best of Ozark fly fishing without it having a strong presence of Brian's input and video's. But we encourage you to visit his website,, and click on his tying page and simply enjoy. He has an extensive list of just about any big streamer you would want to use on Ozark rivers and anywhere else monster fish like to eat. So you will see many direct links to his site from this one and plenty of opportunities to enjoy one of the Ozarks treasures of the fly-fishing world.