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REDDS will increase - Stay Off!

        The conversation of Redds is always an opinionated one. Definition of REDD: the spawning ground or nest of various fishes.The majority of fly-fishers believe that fishing for fish roosted on a Redd is one of the unspoken rules of fly-fishing as one NOT to do. While there are many fly-fishing guides that need to fish the Redds in order to keep supplying the type of big fish pics they feel it takes to ensure the pictures necessary to increase clientele. Some people, quite frankly, just don't give a crap.

        Well here is what we know:

    * The Redds are a vital reason the Brown Trout thrive on the White RIver system.

    * The Redds are extremely delicate and often in places of low water and easily disturbed.

     With the recent introduction of minimum flow on the White & Norfork rivers, the water has moved up in many places that have only been gravel bars in the past. Loose gravel is the optimum location for the Browns to build the Redds, lay their eggs, and spawn. So, we are most likely to see Redds in places we've never seen them before. Which makes it even more important to make sure when you are fishing this Fall to keep an eye out to ensure you are not disturbing the process.

          The increase of the local guides purchasing jet boat motors is also very troubling for the Redds. With it only taking inches of water to propel the jet motors, there is a much better chance they will damage the Redds. One pass by a jet motor and due to the way the engine displaces water it will break free all the gravel that holds the eggs necessary for the spawn.

           So, If you are a fly-fisher, watch your step and where you are fishing. If you are a fly-fishing guide, improve your skills and learn to catch big browns in short-sleeve weather as opposed to relying on fishing the Redds to fuel your photographic vanity. If you have a jet motor, please get a good perspective of the location of the Redds on minimum flow and take another route up the river to ensure we maintain the greatest brown trout fishery in the world.

Mick Spaulding